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RelEng & RelOps Weekly highlights – March 4, 2016

It was a busy week with many releases in flight, as well as preparation for running beta 1 with release promotion next week.  We also are in the process of adding more capacity to certain test platform pools to lower wait times given all the new e10s tests that have been enabled.

Improve Release Pipeline:

  • Nick ran a staging release for 46.0b1 to check for issues before the merge, preventing some bustage for Fennec and ensuring we can fall back to the old system if any unexpected issues show up with release promotion
  • Varun improved Balrog’s detection of certain types of bad data.
  • Ben finished most of the work involved with preparing Balrog to move to CloudOps infrastructure, including automatically building Docker images.
  • We’re hoping to do our first beta with the new release build promotion pipeline next week for 47.0b1. Stay tuned!
Everyone gets a release promotion!  Source:

Improve CI Pipeline:

  • Dustin deployed a new version of the TaskCluster tools/login system with much improved UI for handling signing in and out and editing clients and roles.  He also simplified the existing roles, with the result that the set of roles now fits on one screen, and is entirely composed of human-readable names.  All of this works toward two important goals: building a sign-in system that is useful and usable by all mozillians; and configuring the access-control system to give everyone their appropriate permissions and no more.


The releases calendar is getting busier as we get closer to the end of the cycle. Many releases were shipped or are still in-flight:

  • Firefox 45.0b10
  • Fennec 45.0b11
  • Fennec 45.0 (in-progress)
  • Firefox 45.0 (in-progress) – we shipped the RC to the beta channel
  • Firefox 45.0esr (in-progress)
  • Firefox 38.7.0esr (in-progress)

As always, you can find more specific release details in our post-mortem minutes:


  • Vlad, Alin and Amy reallocated 28 Windows test machines to the w7 pool to help with backlog and e10s testing.
  • Jake deployed new OpenSSL packages to protect our infrastructure from Drown Attack and various other recent OpenSSL vulnerabilities

Until next time!

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