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RelEng & RelOps Weekly highlights – February 26, 2016

It was a busy week for release engineering as several team members travelled to the Vancouver office to sprint on the release promotion project. The goal of the release promotion project is to promote continuous integration builds to release channels, allowing us to ship releases much more quickly.

Improve Release Pipeline:

  • Chris, Jordan, Callek (remotely), Kim, Mihai and Rail had a sprint on Release Promotion. We made so much progress on this project that we decided to use the new process for Firefox 46.0b1. So many green jobs!

Improve CI Pipeline:


  • Ben, Mihai, Nick, Rail and Callek Shipped Firefox 45.0b6, Firefox 45.0b7, Firefox 45.0b9, Fennec 45.0b6, Thunderbird 45.0b2 


  • Alin landed changes to run mochitest-push-e10s tests on Windows 7 This is another step toward completing the enabling of e10s tests. 

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