EclipseCon Exercise Thursday: 570K in total

Thursday morning we had 24 hardy eclipse family members arrive for a run.

Today the other runners decided to award me today’s jacket for organizing the running.  Thanks!

Special thanks to EclipseSource and the Eclipse foundation for sponsoring this event.  It was a lot of fun!  I had someone come up to me at the poster session last night and say that they had found a new business partner while running. That’s what EclipseCon is all about.  Community and conversation.

A special kudos to Olivier Thomann, the JDT Core lead,  who ran 5K every day despite not being a runner before attending the conference.  Also, thanks to everyone who came out so early in the morning despite some very late nights.

I hope everyone has safe flights home!

1 comment on “EclipseCon Exercise Thursday: 570K in total

  1. Kim, double thanks from me. First on behalf of the Eclipse Foundation, and second as the Conference Chair for helping support this sponsorship opportunity!


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