EclipseCon Exercise: Commit to Running

EclipseCon 2010 looks like it will have a fantastic program this year with many interesting talks.  For instance, there will be talk about Lego Mindstorms and Eclipse. How much do I love Lego?  Let me show you my keychain.

There will be also be a talk on the Eclipse at NASA which looks really interesting.  I mean, how often is it that the software you build is used to monitor robots travelling across another planet? Mr. Platform Releng is very talented at ordering stuff on the internet.  One day I arrived home and found a Lego Mars Rover being assembled in our living room.  Life is unpredictable.  From lego.com.

Outside the formal program, there will be EclipseCon Exercise early in the morning.  You’re invited to sign up for a  run every morning before the talks begin on the wiki. Don’t hesitate to put your name down if you’ve just started running, there will be several pace groups.   Thanks to the work of Darin Swanson, who organized EclipseCon Exercise in previous years, we already have a map.

The generous Eclipse Foundation has also agreed  to provide prizes for the EclipseCon Exercise participants.  There will be Eclipse shirts and running related gifts.  What will you win a prize for?  Well, that’s up to you.  Again, you can make suggestions on the wiki for prize categories and I’ll set up a vote for the community in early March.   Also, if you work at a company that’s interested in sponsoring EclipseCon exercise, please contact Donald Smith.

Running before the talks in the morning is a great way to clear your mind for the day. It’s also a way to get rid the jitters before you give a talk or tutorial. Most importantly, it gives you a chance to meet and talk to people in a different context, and get to know them better as a person, not just an Eclipse professional. Learn about what they do outside of work,  their communities, and discover common interests.

So consider committing to EclipseCon Exercise.  Sign up today and remember to pack your running shoes!

Sign up sheet for EclipseCon Exercise 2010

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