p2 tutorial RFC

The EclipseCon program committee is sending out acceptance notifications after completing the difficult task of selecting the talks that will be presented in March. Thanks for all your hard work – I’m sure it will be an amazing conference!

Ian and I have been selected to give a tutorial entitled “Exploring p2“. The best approach to learning is spend time actually getting your hands dirty. The wisdom of xkcd

Originally, the focus of this tutorial was to be on building with p2. However, given time constraints in the build category, the program committee asked us to provide a broader focus on p2, not just building with it.

This is where you come in. If you are considering attending this tutorial, let us know what topics you’d like us to cover on the wiki or leave a comment. We really value your input and so we can tailor the tutorial to you. Also, it will be interesting to learn the p2 use cases in the community. A tutorial is a two way street, and we have just as much opportunity to learn about how you are using the software we build, as we have the chance to share our experiences with you.

Keep in mind that there are other talks in this topic that have been approved. For instance, Pascal will be conducting a talk on p2 APIs. Today, our fantastic Equinox committers are working on merging the newly minted p2 APIs into HEAD for 3.6M5.

Looking forward to seeing you at EclipseCon 2010!

2 comments on “p2 tutorial RFC

  1. I'd really like to see someone explore using P2 for mass (as in pushing/pulling bundles to around 180 global branches) deployment scenarios. It seems to me there would be lots of tooling above and beyond P2 to handle. It would be nice to have someone explore various paths. Another challenging area is the intersection of bundle distribution and role based access (governing who can get what bundles).



  2. Grumpy 🙂

    I think this topic will be covered by the Nexus talk.



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