Good Eclipse Swag

I found this mug in the kitchen at work today. It has Eclipse key bindings on front

and back.

Now, all I need is a sandwich to go with this and I’d be set. From xkcd

Swag is rarely both useful and aesthetically appealing. This is both! Thanks itemis!

7 comments on “Good Eclipse Swag

  1. Thanks for posting this – especially the xkcd comic 🙂

    Just curious: where did you get the mug from? We thought about bringing some to EclipseCon08, but it was way to expensive to ship them.


  2. Peter, I don't know where it's from. It was just there. I suspect that someone brought it back from a workshop or a conference.


  3. Probably somebody materialized the mug in your kitchen 😉 “Earl grey – hot”


  4. omg I NEED that!!!


  5. “It was just there” ;-D

    I got it from Sven at Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 and brought it to the Ottawa office shortly afterwards.


  6. If you're interested in Eclipse keybinding mugs, cast your vote here: http://twtpoll.com/dhk8rf


  7. Peter where can I get one of these? Is casting a 'yes' vote on the poll enough to get it materialized over here? 😉


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