The end of a three year relationship: Goodbye bug 153429

This past week, the Eclipse and Equinox team released changes to support the use the JUnit 4 bundle in the Eclipse Test framework in bug 153429. This bug had over 75 people on the cc list and 40 votes to fix it. It was in my bucket for three years. It’s finally fixed so now we and (you) can run your automated tests on JUnit 4.

The changes that we made to fix this bug are described in the wiki. John also sent a message to the cross project list.

I have worked on many bugs during my tenure at Eclipse. This was a tough one. It was very complex, and required a tremendous amount of testing. It was also very much a team effort.

I’d like to especially thank DJ Houghton for all his patches for the test harness and and test bundles. Also, DJ added the org.junit 4.7.0 bundle to Orbit which was very helpful. John Arthorne for fixing the p2 tests and all the good advice during this process. Dani Megert and Markus Keller for their changes to JDT. Darin Wright for his advice regarding PDE. Curtis Windatt for his changes to the pde ui tests. Andrew Niefer for the changes to the pde build tests. Other committers made minor changes to their test bundles to accommodate this change. Thank you!

Goodbye bug 153429. I won’t miss you.

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