Kite Club: Committer Edition

Here in Ottawa, everyone is looking forward to summer vacations after an extremely busy release cycle. My good friend Sonia has introduced us to sport kiting.

Flying a kite is a very relaxing way to spend lunch hour – thoughts of builds and bugs are swept away. Sonia can really make the kite dance.

I just try to keep it up in the air without crashing spectacularly. In some ways, it’s similar to being a buildmeister…

Some people see kiting as an extreme sport. Others go kite skiing.

The other day, we discovered that Prism offers a p2 sport kite. It is described as follows

The P.2 develops impressive pull in a strong breeze but responds with crisp precision to your inputs. It’s astonishingly easy to recover from a collapse or a crash due to its oversized air inlets, and when the wind picks up it’ll really scream along. Want more power? Stack one, two, or three more P.2’s in a train and get ready to go for a ride!

I look forward to seeing p2, Eclipse 3.4 and Ganymede take flight.

2 comments on “Kite Club: Committer Edition

  1. That is NOT the Ottawa I remember after being at the e4 summit 🙂


  2. I used to love kites when I was a kid and it’s always windy where I live so I want to get a kite too. I feel inspired. Thanks for the refreshing idea!


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