Platform-releng endorses p2, not paddles

Zx has suggested that the Eclipse project’s releng team has become soft. What? In fact, we’re in pretty good shape due to the amount of shovelling we’ve done to move the 4m (13 feet) of snow that has fallen in Ottawa this winter. We don’t have to resort to Photoshop for extra muscle tone 🙂

I did give out out a clown nose this week. It wasn’t well received…although in the process I learned some new French vocabulary from a certain Equinox committer. Integrating p2 into the build was really a group effort. We are using the p2 code compiled in the build to build the SDK..so there are bootstrapping issues. It would have been ideal to have more time to test the integration but with EclipseCon immediately followed by M6 we had to get in this week’s build. I’ll write later on how we are transforming our build process with p2. It promises to alleviate many pain points. However, as always, change reveals many implementation details. For other teams, the transformation will be much much simpler. We now have a build that works with p2 goodness. In the end, that’s all that matters.

I saw a preview of Pascal’s p2 talk this afternoon and I’d highly recommend taking the opportunity to attend it at EclipseCon and learn more.

As for using paddles as a deterrent for build breakage…well eclipse.org is rated PG. I’ll leave the paddling activities to other websites

1 comment on “Platform-releng endorses p2, not paddles

  1. From Austin with Love 😉“I learned some new French vocabulary from a certain Equinox committer.”hahaha…


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