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Introducing Mozilla Releng’s summer interns

The Mozilla Release Engineering team recently welcomed three interns to our team for the summer.

Ian Connolly is a student at Trinity College in Dublin. This is his first term with Mozilla and he’s working on preflight slave tasks and an example project for Releng API.
Andhad Jai Singh is a student at Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.  This is his second term working at Mozilla, he was a Google Summer of Code student with the Ateam last year.  This term he’s working on generating partial updates on request.
John Zeller is also a returning student and studies at Oregon State University.  He previously had a work term with Mozilla releng and also worked during the past school term as a student worker implementing Mozilla Releng apps in Docker. This term he’ll work on updating our ship-it application  so that release automation updates ship it more frequently so we can see the state of the release, as well as integrating post-release tasks.


View from Mozilla San Francisco Office

Please drop by and say hello to them if you’re in our San Francisco office.  Or say hello to them in #releng – their irc nicknames are ianconnolly, ffledgling and zeller respectively.


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