Mozilla pushes – May 2014

Here’s May’s monthly analysis of the pushes to our Mozilla development trees.  You can load the data as an HTML page or as a json file

This was a record breaking month where we overcame our previous record of 8100+ pushes with a record of 11000+ pushes this month.  Gaia-try, just created in April has become a popular branch with 29% of pushes.


  • 11711  pushes
    • New record
  • 378 pushes/day (average)
    • New record
  • Highest number of pushes/day: 613 pushes on May 29, 2014
    • New record
  • 22 pushes/hour (average)
    • New record
General Remarks
The introduction of Gaia-try in April has been very popular and comprised around 29% of pushes in May.  The Try branch itself consisted of around 38% of pushes.
The three integration repositories (fx-team, mozilla-inbound and b2g-inbound) account around 22% of all the pushes, compared to 30% in the previous month.

May 2014 was the month with most pushes (11711 pushes)
May 2014 has the highest pushes/day average with 378 pushes/day
May 2014 has the highest average of “pushes-per-hour” is 22 pushes/hour
May 29th, 2014 had the highest number of pushes in one day with 613 pushes

May 2014 is a record setting month, 11711 pushes!

Note that Gaia-try was added in April and has quickly become a high volume branch

I changed the format of this pie chart this month.  It seemed to be previously based on several months data, but not all data from the previous year.  So I changed it to be only based on the data from the current month which seemed more logical.

2 comments on “Mozilla pushes – May 2014

  1. Do you know if people are actually checking the Gaia-Try results? IIRC those pushes are auto-generated from github PRs, and people may not even be aware that they are running.


  2. You can see them on tbpl. We mostly run tests against prebuilt binaries. See

    I can't tell if people are checking the results, only that they are running.

    See also Aki's post on this issue

    and the bug where the work was done


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