Reminder: Releng 2013 submission deadline is February 7

Just a friendly reminder that Feb 7 is the deadline to submit talk abstracts and papers to the Releng 2013 workshop.  It will be held on May 20 in San Francisco, in conjunction with the ICSE conference.

Are you involved in release engineering, release management or continuous deployment? Have you recently migrated a code repository to Git and implemented new branching strategies? Did your team implement amazing new automation to package and sign the binaries you deliver to customers?  Are you an academic looking for new problems to research and connect with practitioners in the field? Are you a maintainer for a continuous integration system or write a new build system? Did you manage to ship on time despite the fact that one file changed on a Friday afternoon and broke everything? If so, you have a story to share at this conference 🙂

We have two fantastic keynote speakers lined up – John O’Duinn, director of release engineering at Mozilla, and Alan Grosskurth, who recently started working as a release engineering consultant after several years at VMWare.

If you have any questions regarding the submission process or the conference in general, please feel free to drop me a line (I’m kmoir and I work at mozilla dot com).  See you in San Francisco!

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