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Eclipse Top Ten: #10 You can be the one to make a difference

Sometimes, I’m disillusioned with democracy. It’s messy and difficult.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to live in a dictatorship.  But does my vote really matter?  I don’t know.  When I email my Member of Parliament to express my opposition to a bill, do they really value my opinion? Judging by the generic form letter that I receive in return, I am deeply skeptical.

The Eclipse community is small which means that as an individual, you can be the one to initiate change.
At Eclipse, my vote counts.
You bug fixes can help people ship new products, make their work day more productive or  even monitor robots on Mars.
That’s really amazing.
People appreciate that and it’s great to hear positive feedback on your work on an ongoing basis.
You can be the one to make a difference, positive or negative.
You can be the one to find a critical bug before release day
Or after release day.
Nothing is better that working with people who care about what they do. Hands down.
Just look at all the people who have won the Eclipse Community awards this year. They made a difference.
And that’s why I like working in the Eclipse open source community.
Thanks to all of you for making this a great experience over the years.

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The entire presentation is now available on slideshare.

3 comments on “Eclipse Top Ten: #10 You can be the one to make a difference

  1. Thanks for sharing the eclipsecon presentation. Excellent write ups.


  2. It's a pity this series of posts had to end. Great points and great writing.


  3. Glad you enjoyed it!


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