EclipseCon Exercise Tuesday: 310K and counting

I expected the crowd to be diminished today since the shirts were distributed yesterday and a lot of people were celebrating late into the night. No. Eclipse community, you delivered. Look at this picture.

About the same number of people as on Monday. Today’s prize category was a “Best Running Shoes”. Patrick Paulin won with his Vibram Five Fingers.

I’m so happy that people continue to get up and running for EclipseCon exercise.

Tomorrow’s theme is “Best Running Shirt”. Wear an old shirt, or a new shirt recently acquired at the conference for the chance to win an Eclipse jacket courtesy of the foundation.

If you’re wondering where the 310K came from, it’s the approximate number of people who attended multiplied by 5K a person.

See you tomorrow morning at 7am in the Hyatt lobby!

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