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EclipseCon Build Panel: It’s not rocket science, it’s release engineering

There will be a build panel next Tuesday afternoon at EclipseCon. I’ll be one of the panellists and hope that it will be a constructive discussion.  Have a question about release engineering but were afraid to ask? This is your chance!

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We have gifts from our new friends at the Hudson project to give away at the build panel.   Hudson is an open source project for a continuous integration server that’s in widespread use, including on  Like eclipse, it has a plugin architecture that allows you to add functionality incrementally and the community contributes plugins to make Hudson better.   The first thirty people who ask the build panel a question will receive a Hudson sticker to affix to their laptop. 

The Hudson committers are also having a hackathon this weekend, if you happen to be in the Santa Clara area this Friday and Saturday.

1 comment on “EclipseCon Build Panel: It’s not rocket science, it’s release engineering

  1. This should be quite interesting.


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