EclipseCon Exercise: Vote for prize categories

There will be Eclipse swag available at EclipseCon exercise. Vote now on the criteria to win. You can vote for four difference categories, one for each day.

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Next week is EclipseCon. Interesting talks.  New technology.  Awards.  Surprises.  Lego.  Robots. Chats with old friends and making new ones.  What’s the perfect start to such a great day?  Running.  Here are the steps to ensure your bun(dle)s are running at EclipseCon.

1) Sign up on the EclipseCon exercise wiki so we know you’re coming.  So far there are 30+ people signed up – fantastic – looking forward to seeing you there!

2) Pack your sneakers, running shoes or trainers. Whatever you call them, make sure they end up in your suitcase. Shorts and a shirt too.  As Chris mentioned, there will be EclipseCon exercise shirts for the first 30 runners.

3) Get out of bed for and meet in the Hyatt Lobby at 7am.

The last one is really key.  Many of my running friends say “Getting out of bed is the hardest part of running”. There’s some truth to that. The good news is that it’s California.  Sunny and warm. Palm trees.   Look at this forecast.

Looking forward to seeing you at EclipseCon Exercise!

3 comments on “EclipseCon Exercise: Vote for prize categories

  1. I'm vying for the “best calves” category.

    Thanks for organizing this Kim!


  2. FYI, I'll withdraw my suggestion of Slowest Runner Named Lynn if it happens to win, although I appreciate you including it in the poll. I'm already a lock for the Best Calves and I don't need 2 shirts. That's right zx – shall-oonge! (That's street for challenge.)


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