Private Emails Hide the Details

Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails directly to my IBM address regarding bugs, features, releng questions, or building Eclipse for platform XYZ from people in the community.  These people are new to Eclipse and therefore may be unaware of the proper channels to ask questions.  I like to gently remind people ask a question on the forums or open a bug. The internet is forever, and Eclipse is no exception.  If you open a bug, others with the same issue will be able to search and find a solution.  Private emails hide knowledge that’s useful to the larger community. As committers, we’re very detailed oriented people.

Today, I responded to the latest request as follows:

At eclipse,
We’re open source,
Private emails,
hide the details,

Asking in the open
Allows others to see,
the issue described,
the remedy prescribed,
for posterity

Found a problem?
Want to request a feature?
Please, I will ask,
open a bug for the task

I look forward to seeing their bug.

1 comment on “Private Emails Hide the Details

  1. Very well said. Bookmarking for future reference. 🙂


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