Galileo SR1 has left the station

The Eclipse and Equinox teams are pleased to announce that our 3.5.1 release now available as part of the Galielo SR1 release. Congratulations to all contributors and committers whose hard work made this release possible!


3.5.1 Readme



You can also update to 3.5.1 using Help->Check for Updates


4 comments on “Galileo SR1 has left the station

  1. update is very very very slow


  2. As nearly every time, it has failed during update and broken my eclipse installation… I will still have to spend hours trying to repair it and finally probably reinstall a fresh one.
    I love eclipse but I still hate how it manages the updates.


  3. The update sites seem to be completely down since the update has come out.

    I can't even install certain plugins that require stuff from the eclipse update sites…


  4. olamy, Christophe, Peter

    Please open bugs at https://bugs.eclipse.org

    for the issues you see. This will get the issues addressed by the appropriate teams.


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